I grew up thinking of how magical photography was and is. One can press a button and capture that moment instantly. Of course, when I was young, everything was on film. Nothing digital. I got my first camera when I was eight years old, and from there, I was hooked. In 1978, I bought my first SLR camera. It was amazing to feel the shutter react when the button was pressed. Even though, you still had to wait to get the prints or develop the film yourself, which I did. But now with digital, it's instant gratification! I am still amazed at what the possibilities are.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, since I can remember. I received my first camera when I was eight years old. I bought my first SLR when I was 16. And so it began.
Photography has always been magic to me, capturing images has always been fun. I started out using my camera in High School, loving sports and the challenge of getting the perfect shot. I also loved landscapes and plants. But shooting people has been the most rewarding. Landscapes change with the seasons, but people change in a second. It's a "look", smile, or a tear of joy or sadness. Just instantaneous changes that I look for and record, that make me happy. It's 36 years later and I still have that joy and I hope that I can share that with you, by capturing your memories.

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